Fulfillment & Storage

Fulfillment, Shipping and Storage Services


Darling Promo provides pick, pack and shipping services for many of our clients. Having a virtual conference and need items sent to attendees?  Do you want to send a gift to your clients? Do you need to reach your employees at their home offices? Let Darling Promo's strategic partner Optimal Fulfillment & Shipping (OFS)  do the heavy lifting and make your next packing and shipping project a breeze.

Would you like to store promotional products and other items to be shipped on demand by your employees? Let Darling Promo and OFS design an online store, item storage and shipping program to meet your company's needs. 

The warehouse facility is located in Austin, Texas.  




Question: Does Darling Promo have to provide all of the items that are shipped out in our box to utilize the fulfillment and shipping services?

Answer: Client may have other items sent in besides products provided by Darling Promo. Darling Promo does extend discounts on fulfillment projects to clients that purchase at least $500 products through our company.


Question: Do we need to provide our own boxes? 

Answer: We can assist you with custom boxes with your logo or provide you with a standard box.  Often people add stickers to the outside of the box to dress it up.


Question: Can we ship on our own shipping account? 

Answer: Yes, you can ship on your own account, but there is a .50 per box surcharge.


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